MommaJ & Craig Rose

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How It Started

Listen in on Jeanette's 11 minute message to Craig to kick this idea off. On November 5, 2023 Momma J and Craig got together in Carmel, CA and recorded a 7 hour and 30 minute conversation about their 25 year relationship. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to listen or watch on X or Rumble due to all the things out of Craig's mouth would be censored by any other platform.


The what and why behind our marriage.

The Deconstruction

A running document Craig and Jeanette started when they decided to let go of their marriage shortly after they celebrated 19 years of marriage with the renewal of their vows in Vegas.

Craig Gross was the founder of Fireproof Ministries, XXXchurch and Stronger Marriages. He ministered to people in the porn industry and did years of speaking gigs with Ron Jeremy who he became close friends with. XXXchurch made porn blocking software and was the first sponsor of the BadChristian Podcast. Since we have last heard from Craig, he and his wife Jennette have experienced a tremendous amount of personal and spiritual change. They have ventured in cannabis and then psychedelics which prompted them to begin to deal with trauma they had both been suppressing. This conversation is them verbally processing and catching us up on their journey so far while still clearly being in the middle of it. They speak freely and unfiltered. The content of the episode may be triggering to some and includes trauma, abuse, and conspiracy theory type content, most of which goes unchallenged. Listen here from 2021.